Secure Data Transfer

IriTech's cameras offer cryptographic functions for securely transmitting images and templates between cameras and servers. This security is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). RSA key pairs are imported into the device by customers in form of standard certificates X509 (for public key) and PFX/PKCS #12 (for both certificate and private key).

Device-Level Encryption: The cameras encrypt images and templates after capture, ensuring security of the data at the point of origin. This safeguards critical identification information during biometric processes.

Device Identification: Each cameras has its own digital signature to support proper accountability and system management. A digital signature enables station throughput analysis, operator performance, and equipment troubleshooting. This also makes it easier to trace fraudulent activity.

Admin Certificates: The cameras have the capability to use Admin issued certificates, not just vender product certificates, in order to prevent a 3rd party from tampering with enrollment data.