Can Multimodal Biometrics Strengthen Online Banking Security?

Multimodal biometric systems have been proven to be very effective in protecting information and resources in banking applications

In the ever changing world of technology, the banking and financial services sector has seen a tremendous shift in the way these services are now being catered to retail and corporate customers. With the millions of dollars being spent by organizations on online services, the online banking and financial services sector become a critical infrastructure…

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Multimodal biometrics – A more accurate identification system

With many biometric modalities available such as fingerprint or iris recognition, it is critical for users to assess their accuracy before implementing

Multimodal biometrics refers to the use of a combination of two or more biometric modalities in an identification system. For instance, a system that combines face and iris recognition can be considered as a multimodal biometric system. Multimodal biometrics provides supplementary information among different modalities in order to increase the recognition performance in terms of…

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