Iris Recognition ID card To Win over Counterfeit Driver License

Synthetic identity is on exponential growing trend in many countries especially North America. CBC reported in 2014 that thousands of driver’s licenses with fake names were costing Canadians up to a billion dollars a year. By 2017, synthetic ID fraud has been a top major threat that accounts for 80 to 85% of all identity fraud in the US, according to the Federal Trade Commission. With the easy accessibility to the latest and greatest computers and equipment more than ever before, counterfeiters are spreading its crime with high speed and scale.

iris recognition ID card

Unlike identity theft in which a fraudster uses someone else’s identity to impersonate, this type of crime occurs when fraudsters use a mix of real and fake information to create a new “individual.” In the US, fraudster can use fake driver’s licenses and state IDs to do everything from cashing checks to opening bank accounts to boarding domestic flights. This is very dangerous because there is no real victim. It may take more time, months or may be years to detect and the losses can be significant. Migrating tradition driver license from paper-based documents towards biometric integrated electronic driving licenses is rapidly deployed which offer much greater protection against counterfeit and misuse through the combination of physical, digital and biometric authentication features.

By August 2016, the Verge reported that 43 out of 50 US states have used facial recognition technology to scan millions of photos for duplicates and fraud. The state of New York says its driver’s license biometric system has led to the arrest of 4,000 people in connection to identify theft or fraud crimes. Here’s how it works. When someone applies for a driver’s license or ID, a photo is taken and the image is converted into a template. An algorithm compares the image with others in the database, searching for a possible match. If fraud is suspected, the department investigates and can take administrative action, such as a license suspension.

Besides US, according to the media, many other countries are on the wave of leveraging different forms of biometrics including fingerprint, facial and iris scanning with their driver license system to reduce mismanagement and issues related to fake driving licenses such as: the UK, Lebanon, Australia, Nepal, etc. India’s federal government also plans to link Aadhaar numbers with driver’s licenses in order to weed out fake licenses.

While smart-card comes with high implementation cost, IriTech has partnered with HD Barcode to develop unique iris verification ID card solution called HD IrisCheck which is mobile and cost-effective to fight ID frauds. The solution enables identification through mobile devices without requiring a database or network which eventually helps enhance the privacy. Customers are required to scan irises for enrollment. Iris template will be embedded within a unique barcode and printed on the driver license card. For verification, only an Android device with USB enabled iris scanner or a built-in iris smartphone are needed. The iris recognition together with HD barcode technology makes a strong authentication method which is impossible to duplicate or to create a fake one.

Upcoming in May 1-2, HD IrisCheck will be displayed at IriTech’s booth #216 at Connect:ID exhibition which will bring together 1,400 industry experts in identity technologies including biometrics, secure credentials, and mobile digital identity systems from many countries. An overview of current driver’s license fraud trends and measurements to increase the security of U.S. driver’s licenses will be discussed as one of the conference topics. Kindly contact us at to arrange a face-to-face meeting with our team and experience our top-notch iris recognition solutions.