Use of Biometric Safety Guns Should Be Widely Deployed

It’s undeniable that America has a destructive gun culture that is borne out by the high correlation between mass gun ownership and violence. According to Washington Post, in 2009, American people owed 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns. Accompanied with this mass number of weapons are mass numbers of killings involving school children and moviegoers.

iris biometric safety

Gun related violence is a leading cause of death in the US. In details, 75% of the 10,100 homicides in the U.S are alleged to use handguns in 2005. According to government statistics, the likelihood that a death will result is significantly increased when either the victim or the attacker has a firearm. There are also tens of thousands of accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the US.

Therefore, this requires a solution for citizens to register and maintain their weapons safely: a safe gun integrated with biometrics. In details, every biometric gun safe employs a certain amount of onboard memory for storing digital copies of biometrics such as iris, fingerprint, etc. One swipe of user’s biometrics unlocks the case making it the most reliable and most secure type of gun safe.  In other words, the safest way to own a handgun is in a gun safe, and the safest gun safes use biometric technology.

The advantages of biometric gun safes are abundant and very apparent. The most important advantage is speed. It is easy to conclude that one swipe their biometrics is much quicker than fumbling with a key or entering in a code of at least four digits. Therefore, biometric technology is the perfect solution to quickly accessing a handgun in 1 or 2 seconds.

Biometrics also helps parents protect innocent children as well as unauthorized individuals from handguns. In details, there are thousands of injured or killed children when they mishandle a gun in their own house or in the house of others every year (Biometric Update). Therefore, by using biometrics safes, it can limit the number of people that can access the firearms, so users can ensure that their handguns will not fall into inexperienced or unauthorized hands. Because every biometrics is unique, biometric gun safe cannot be opened by others people. In other words, only the biometrics loaded into the safe can be used to access the items inside.

And the last advantage for biometric is easy to use and users do not need to remember any passwords, hence they can access handguns at any time. Due to these advantages, more and more companies start to implement biometrics gun safe such as Armatix and TriggersSmart. Moreover, many governments have started regulating the mandatory implementation of stricter gun controls based biometrics to strengthen the control over the gun usage of US citizens.