Biometric for PC system – A breakthrough security solution

Computers or PC and laptop have become a daily need for our personal and professional works. According to Gartner, for the year 2015 PC and laptop shipments totaled 288.7 million units worldwide. The fact is that the more frequent we use it; the more vulnerable we are to identity thefts.

iris biometric laptop

Computer is where you store a wide variety of personal and business information such as: email account, credit card number, password, bank account number or even critical information about your company like contracts and transactions, etc. Weak passwords, inadequate network and data encryption systems are main reasons for the increasing number of data security breaches. ITRC Data Breach Reports revealed that there were more than 177 million personal records exposed in 2015 via 780 data security breaches and Businesses plus Healthcare are accounted for the highest percentage, 75.4%. Furthermore, if you google the term “how to hack computer”, there will be more than 30 million results which will show you how easy it is.

Therefore, many organizations are considering deploying biometric solutions using either fingerprint, face or iris recognition to strengthen digital identity management. Biometrics has a long history of reputation in term of providing strong authentication system. Instead of having a complicated password or different passwords for different sites which is troublesome and hard to remember, you only need to show up yourself to get the access. It will significantly reduce the hassle of trying to remember all those codes.

The advantages of using biometric authentication for securing enterprise information are huge. Firstly, utilizing biometric provides highest level of identification accuracy instead of relying on traditional passwords. For example, iris biometric which has high randomness makes it unique even with genetically identical twins. Secondly, implementing biometric technology is considered as a cost effective solution to reduce financial losses from being compromised by weak password management policies. Thirdly, the variety of biometric modalities available such as fingerprint, iris, and face brings a huge flexibility to organizations to deploy different levels of security.

There are already laptop manufacturers who integrated biometric scanning device into their products as a superior security function like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer or HP. IBM ThinkPad (now acquired by Lenovo) was the first laptop with embedded fingerprint scanner in 2004, more than 10 years ago. In 2015, tech giant Microsoft introduced face recognition function added to Windows Hello which utilizes a camera specially configured for near infrared (IR) imaging to authenticate and unlock Windows devices and delivers simplified access to password-protected personal and financial information, websites, documents and e-mail. In addition, upcoming at MWC Americas in September 2017, IriTech – a leading iris biometric solution provider will showcase its newly developed iris solution for PC/laptop called IriVault. It is a compact and lightweight camera to be attached to a laptop or PC monitor like a webcam to provide real time streaming and dual iris identification.

For over the decade, biometrics has gained popularity in many industries such as national ID, law enforcement, military or more recently mobile applications thanks to the highest level of authentication security it brings. Similarly, biometric authentication will soon become mainstream as an appealing solution for organizations seeking to increase workplace efficiency while strengthening enterprise security.