UIDAI/Aadhaar Related

How can I check the RDService validity for my iris camera?

If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120UL, please check the RDService validity of your device at the link below:
If you are using other device models, please kindly contact the seller who provided the device or RDService last time for the support.

How can I purchase RDService for my device?

If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120UL model, please contact Mr. Binod Mathai (Phone: +91 98450 25278) for the support.


If you are using IriShield-USB MK2120U, please kindly contact the previous seller for the support. This is an old model with 5cm capture; and the RDService was given by a third party (Access Computers'(ACPL) Baroda).

How to install and initialize RDService for IriShield-USB MK2120UL device?

Please follow instruction in the following link to install and initialize RDService for IriShield-USB MK2120UL device:


(Note: use the "Device registration environment = P" during initialization)

How to resolve "Device is not connected" problem?

First, please check if the cable is working properly for other devices.


If you are using Android, please find the quick instruction to connect our IriShield into an Android phone and the requirements for connection in the following link:



In case you are using MK2120UL device, please follow instructions on our website below to initialize RDService (using the "Device registration environment = P");



If you use another model, please kindly contact the seller for RDService assistance.



What is a template?

The iris template is a special biometric reference file in which iris features have been stored for the purpose of matching. Matching compares the stored iris template against the new iris features extracted from the recently captured iris image data.

Does wearing glasses or contact lenses prevent iris identification?

Soft contact lenses are unlikely to cause problems, but both glasses and hard contact lenses might produce glare or partly obstruct the iris. If the glare is large enough, identification may be prevented. Removing glasses before capture, especially during initial enrollment, is the best way to ensure a high-quality image.

Are iris biometrics affected by Lasik eye correction (or any other corrective surgery) or by disease?

No, Lasik eye correction should not cause any trouble with iris recognition. In fact, few eye surgeries or diseases directly impact the iris. Examples of issues that might interfere would include surgery that leaves scars over the iris (scars may prevent identification if the comparison is against a record of the eye before surgery) and intraocular lens implants (lens implants may produce significant glare that can make it challenging to capture a high quality iris image).

What is Distance in iris recognition?

A measure of dissimilarity of two biometric feature set represented by two templates. A smaller distance implies the more similarity. It means there is greater possibility that those templates belong to the same eye of a person.

Can iris images be saved on my own computer?

Yes, you can extract iris images or templates onto your own computer by using the associated SDK.

What products can integrate into an existing biometrics system using fingerprint or facial recognition?

IriTech offers iris recognition hardware (cameras) and software (SDK) for each customer's custom-development. As each of our customers has different business needs, we generally offer our products as development toolkits that will ultimately require end-user systems integration. If you need a ready-to-be-integrated platform, we can connect you to one of our systems integration partners for development.

How long does it take to generate one template?

The processing of an image to create a template is fast but highly dependent upon the memory and speed of the PC handling the processing. Creating a template normally requires no more than a fraction of a second.

May I use a USB Hub to connect the camera device to my PC?

We do not recommend operating the camera device through a USB Hub.

May I use a USB Hub to connect the camera device to my PC?

We do not recommend operating the camera device through a USB Hub.


What type of data will be transmitted from an iris image-capture camera to the central server?

The data transmitted from an iris camera and server can be an image or template. The iris cameras support the entire ISO image standard. The standard iris image is VGA (640x480 pixels), gray scale, and approximately 300 kB. Our template types are split into 3 categories, (1) S-template (Simple Template): 1.4 kB, (2) D-template (Detailed Template): 63 kB, and (3) N-template: 4 kB. S- and D-templates are used by our original SDK, while N-templates are state-of-the-art templates for our IriMaster software. When the highest possible degree of matching speed and accuracy are required, we recommend IriMaster and the N-template.

How can I use my IriMagic and/or IriHerald camera?

IriMagic and IriHerald must be coupled with separate iris template generating and matching programs for operation. If you do not already have iris recognition and matching programs, we highly recommend our iris SDK program, which won top honors in the IREX I test performed by the US National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). Our algorithm technology is great for any large-scale project requiring extreme accuracy.

What is the best off-the-shelf camera from the IriMagic series?

IriMagic 1000BK

How long may I operate the camera device continuously?

There is no limitation when operating under normal conditions.

What environment is required for operating the camera device?

For data storage: -40°C to +85°C
For operation: 0°C to +50°C
0% to 95% humidity, non-condensing

Is the near infrared LED light of the camera harmful to the eyes?

No, it emits very low infrared light (less than 2% of the LED Eye Safety Standard Regulation). It is harmless to a user’s eyes, but it could lead to eye fatigue if stared at for a long period of time. It is advisable to capture iris images as quickly as possible.

What is the IriTech’s onboard Security Infrastructure?

To support users with secure communication between IriCAMMES device and host, IriTech provides a Security Infrastructure within each device. This Security Infrastructure is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This PKI-based structure takes advantage of the prominences of both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithms. In particular, all functions relating to image and template transmission between host and device through USB bus are provided with cryptographic versions employing the high security level 256-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA.


What is "de-duplication"?

De-duplication is 1:N matching to ensure that each recipient obtains and maintains a single, unique credential. Our enterprise software, based on the NIST IREX I top-rated iris SDK, is capable of carrying out de-duplication.

How can I incorporate iris images taken using another vendor's iris camera into IriTech's server software?

To use iris images taken by another iris camera you will need to be licensed IriTemplateGenerator and IriMatchEnhancer. The IriTemplateGenerator can create template from various iris image formats including ISO standard formats.

What matching speed can I obtain with IriTech software?
The matching speed is based on server software and hardware configuration using. With our tests on Intel i7 3.33GHz processor with 12GB of RAM on 6400 iris templates, The speed is showed in below: 
Verification and Identification speed of IrisSDK = 17000 matches/second.
Verification and Identification speed of IriMatchEnhancer = 36,000 matches/second; 
Verification speed of IriCore and IriMaster = 250,000 matches/second; 
Identification speed of IriCore and IriMaster = 375,000 matches/second.
These matching speeds are a pure comparison speed of iris templates (S-D or N-N). The indicated speeds do not include the time required to send and receive data. The calculations were performed after uploading all templates on the memory.

MOSIP Related

What is MDS software package?

MDS Package software package is used to support MOSIP Device Specification. There are two software applications in the package: the IriSentinel MDS Service and the IriSentinel Client Management Service software. These two software applications are the Windows services which manage iris capturing processes, register, upgrade devices, etc.

The device is connected to PC, but Windows does not recognize it. How to fix this problem?

First, kindly check wire connection between device and host.
Second, check if the device driver is installed properly. If not, please reinstall it.

Why does Client Management Windows show “DEVICE_BUSY” message or ”available = false”?

The Management Client or other services could access device to do some task such as automatically initialize, at that time device will be busy and you can’t access it using Client Management Windows. Or there is other application which is using device, please check and turn off that application.


First, kindly check your internet connection.
If internet connection is OK, please contact us via website http://www.iritech.com/contact/contact-us to get support.

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