ForYourIrisOnly (FYIO) is an iris application for Android and Windows reinforcing a multifunctional security platform to manage your data and accounts on PCs, smartphones and tablets. FYIO utilizes a highly accurate matching rate of iris biometric technology to enroll human’s iris image, verify it against an impersonated individual and secure confidential data for various industries such as Health Care, Education, Finance Institutes, Law Enforcement, etc.

FYIO eases up passwords memorization by one single installation which in turns transforms into a security guard against identity theft, cyber-attack, frail passwords and highly confidential data leak.


  • Replacement for Password: A fast, easy and secure way to protect private data using iris
  • Automatic Log-on: Access your computer in a blink of an eye
  • Iris Recognition Algorithm: Proven iris recognition and image quality assessment algorithms by NIST
  •  A Friendly GUI:  Quick installation and easy to use the application
  • Encryption & Decryption: Provide a set of functions to encrypt and decrypt files/folders
  • Single Sign-on: Securely access applications and websites
  • Putting Limit: Limit unauthenticated persons to launch sensitive applications



Windows Log-on

Protect computer from unauthorised users

Limit access on computer


Data Encryption

Fully integrated into Window Explorer

Encrypt and decrypt files/folders easily



Single Sign-on

Secure password log-on sites

Iris verification to be granted access on registered sites



Application Lock

Provide security guard to application (s) on PCs, smartphones or tablets

Protect sensitive transaction like money transferring, cloud accessing, or emails from unauthorised users


System requirements:


Windows Version Android Version

Windows 7 & Windows 8 (both 32&64bit)

Internet Explorer 9.0

1GHz Processor or higher

100MB available Hard Disk space

1 USB 2.0 port

Android OS 3.1 or later

FULL USB HOST supported

500MHz Processor or higher

50MB available storage

1 micro USB OTG cable


Name Version
FYIO Brochure.pdf 1.1
Name Version 2.0.31 2.0.31
Name Version
FYIO Brochure.pdf 1.1
Name Version 2.0.14