Iris Scanner, IriHeraldIriHerald™ is an ultra-compact and dedicated monocular iris camera which is designed for more space-saving and cost-effective.

Ready to be used as a portable iris camera for the added protection of superior iris recognition technology.

IriHerald™ is the perfect choice for security needs when budget is a factor or a huge number of iris cameras is required, e.g., authentication markets.

This monocular device is a revolutionary design that delivers high-quality iris acquisition with unprecedented ease-of-use.

Gone are the days of struggling to hold a large camera up while trying to remain steady for many seconds.

No more cumbersome light hoods and clunky camera boxes of previous iris cameras.

IriHerald™ provides true contactless, fast, ISO-compliant iris acquisition in an attractive housing that can be handheld conveniently. With its USB interface, compact hardware design, sophisticated and easy to integrate accompanying software, the IriHerald represents incredible value for iris biometric identification.

  • IriTech's world-best iris recognition algorithm embedded

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight, auto-capture, USB2.0

  • Powerful SDK for easy software development

  • Ready to be integrated with IriTech's enterprise SW environment

  • STQC certified and used in India's UID project


Capture Mode

Auto capture

Focal Distance

4.5 cm - 5.5 cm(1.8 inches -2.2 inches) from the front of camera mirror to eyes (Optimal distance = 5 cm(2inches), Focal depth = 1 cm(0.4 inch))

Image Resolution

ISO Standard 19794-6 (640 x 480 Pixels per eye, 8 bit Grayscale )

Sensor Resolution



Single USB Bus Powered (DC +5V±5%) (Max Power consumption=200mA)


Single USB Bus Powered (DC +5V±5%) (Max Power consumption=200mA)


Near infrared LED


0 °C to + 50 °C Operating; 0% to 95% Humidity, Non-Condensing


Indoor; Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections)


Spatial : ≥ 60% @ 4.0 Lp/mm, Pixel : ≥ 16 Pixels/mm


USB 2.0


Eye safety (IEC 60825- 1), RoHS


Ultra-compact palm size


Attractively designed, light, easy to carry, small-footprint case Also available: Specially designed waterproof case to meet IP54 requirement (IEC60529)

Ancillary SW

Demo Application, SDK(C/C++, .NET C#/VB) with Sample Codes

VDM Compliance (UIDAI)

Host OS

WinXP/7 32bit (It may work fine on win7 64bit) (※Please specify before ordering)


Choose Model:
IriHerald 1000MK
Name Version
IriHerald 1000MK HW Developers Manual.pdf 2.0 Requires Authentication
IriMagic Mono for Windows Basic User Manual.pdf 4.1 Requires Authentication
IMDK API Reference Manual for C_C++.pdf 4.0 Requires Authentication
IMDK Developer Manual.pdf 4.0 Requires Authentication
IMDK API Reference Manual for .NET.pdf 4.0 Requires Authentication
Fact Sheets
Name Version
IriHerald Flyer.pdf 1.2