Iris on PC/laptop

As enterprises and governments use PC/laptop to store important information, it’s critical to deploy a security feature to better manage the device access and protect the data. With the use of iris recognition, it helps eliminate the troublesome password and hackers who try to get access to the device. 


The system uses a simple 2MP iris camera & IR LED with IriTech’s NIST proven iris algorithm. Iris identification can be done automatically when user is working in front of a PC. Capturing distance is 30~40cm, which is an optimal distance when user is working with PC. However, it can be adjusted based on customer’s requirement. Furthermore, the system is integrated with IriTech’s robust side-gazing technology which allows the system to capture iris images at up to 25 degree angle up/down and right/left. The technology will make a great user experience in terms of security, comfort and convenience. 


Iris Recognition Demo on Laptop


Applications of Iris on PC/laptop in which iris identification will be run in background:

  • Device/website login

  • File/folder/email encryption

  • Single sign-on

  • Online payment

  • Others