Market Presence

After 1 year of participating in the UIDAI project, in 2011, IriTech received its first certification from STQC for enrollment device. After 3 years, in 2014, IriTech’s IriShield series achieved a FRR of 0.019% for a sample size of 16,500 in the government STQC test and became the first biometric manufacturer in the world receiving STQC certification for both enrollment and authentication device for UIDAI project. Following that success, IriTech has been the leading vendor in providing US-quality iris scanner which is very affordable and cost-effective at the same time. As of 2015, our IriMagic enjoyed 44% market share of Aadhar enrollment market.

As the enrollment stage is finishing its last registrations, authentication market has been growing tremendously for the past 4 years with myriads of applications in different sectors like: finance, social welfare distribution, healthcare, retail, education, telecom, etc. IriTech has continued to maintain a leading role in the world’s largest biometric project. We are strongly confident with our cost-effective and powerful iris scanner. IriTech has been and will continue to be a significant contributor to the phenomenal success of Indian National ID project.

IriTech always keep upgrading and innovating its iris recognition technology and try its best to support its clients and partners from the Governments to system integrators, distributors and end-users. Iris built-in smartphone is one of the company’s most innovative developments which address three most critical problems of iris technology which are: cost, size and outdoor use. We hope with our high quality yet cost-effective Aadhaar product lines; we can lend a hand and help build a better India.



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