Will Biometric Authentication Define the Future of Mobile Banking?

Multimodal biometric systems have been proven to be very effective in protecting information and resources in banking applications

Mobile banking as defined is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct some financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. In mobile banking, biometrics is one of the most interesting new trends. It seems to be a milestone when…

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Refugee Identity Crisis and the Role of Biometrics

Biometrics to ease the refugee’s management and enhance the security of the border control system.

The protracted Syrian civil war has caused one of the “biggest refugee and migration crises since World War II” as said by U.N. General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon. As a result, nearly 12 million Syrians, equivalent to half of the Syrian population, have fled their homes. European countries have wrestled with its immigration policies on whether…

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How to Evaluate the Accuracy of a Biometric Modality?

With many biometric modalities available such as fingerprint or iris recognition, it is critical for users to assess their accuracy before implementing

Biometrics is a means of identifying and verifying people identity based on physiological characteristics. The core value of a biometric system depends on its ability to correctly accept or reject an individual identity. In other words, accuracy is the criteria to assess the reliability of a biometric modality. The accuracy of a biometric modality is…

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Iris Biometrics to Tighten the Prison Management

Many prisons have installed iris biometric recognition in order to improve the efficiency of correction specialists and the jail security

As the increasing of crime rate, jail or prison management is playing a significant role in public safety. With hundred thousands of incarcerated offenders in one place, it is both a critical and constant challenge to keep track of inmates, especially as they move from one part of the facility to another throughout the day….

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