IriShield™ Series


Auto-capture camera with secure on-board iris recognition with low cost

  • Powered by TI’s TMS320C6748 DSP
  • Features superior on-board iris matching and image quality assessment
  • Maximizes security in access control and identification systems
  • Equipped with on-board PKI-like encryption
  • Enables seamless integration into existing product lines.

IriMagic™ Series


Automatic Capturing Iris Camera with Quality Assurance

  • Powerful Image Quality Assessment and Automated Iris Acquisition
  • ISO Standard Compliant Images
  • STQC certified and used in India’s UID project

End-To-End Solution


Secure Identity Authentication on Cloud Computing

  • The most cost-effective model for your iris recognition-based business
  • Ubiquitous access to cloud-based server with an ultra-compact camera
  • Highly secure data and communication from end to end

Easy to be integrated into existing enterprise applications.